Read the frequently asked questions below to see if SourceLight Integrations™ is right for you.

“You are a core obscured by the layers of ideas painted on by family, society, religion and your own perceptions of your experiences. Evolving is removing the layers of accumulated paint to once again experience and express your core in all of its radiance.”

As someone who is new to SourceLight Integrations™, I recommend reading the frequently asked questions below. They will help you understand a little more of how it works and what to expect.

Every experience is unique, following are a few things clients have experienced during or after a session:

• Energy moving throughout the body
• Tingling sensations, heat or coolness
• Emotional blocks being ‘pulled’ out of them
• Inner visions
• A release of strong emotions
• A feeling of bliss
• Deep relaxation
• The whole body ‘shivering’ but without feeling cold
• An overall sense of well being

 Accelerated recovery following surgery
• Relief from minor pain and inflammation
• Aches and pains disappearing
• Arthritis pain completely vanishing
• Feeling less affected by life’s stresses
• Faster recovery from injury
• A deeper sleeping pattern after the healing
• An increase in energy




How does this compare to other forms of energy healing?

Most of my clients are practitioners of other modalities, and often describe SourceLight Integrations™ as “Reiki on steroids”, “similar to Reconnective Healing, but broader, deeper, and more intense”.

So is this better than other techniques?

It’s not a question of “better or worse,” this is a question of appropriateness. SourceLight Integration™ gives us something more comprehensive and expansive because now is the time in our healing evolution that this unique bandwidth of energy, light, and vibration can be accessed.

Does SourceLight Integration™ only work on physical problems?

Healing is simply a return to balance. Every health challenge is a combination of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. We simply classify it according to its predominant characteristic. SourceLight Integration™ doesn’t specifically “treat” anything, and broad-spectrum benefits often occur. When you allow yourself to come back into balance then healing can occur.

What is a session like in your office?

When we’re working together in person, you’re provided a brief intake form for your contact information and any specific concerns or issues you’d like me to be aware of.

During your session, you remain fully clothed, lying on the massage table, and as a practitioner, my hands do not normally touch your body. There is no need to remove jewelry or your watch, but I do recommend that you turn off your cellphone. You just relax, close your eyes and simply notice what occurs. Typically, white noise or rain is playing in the background.

How does a distance session work?

We schedule an appointment time, and I’ll call and gather your contact information and ask you to share anything specific you’d like me to be aware of, completing the intake form for records of our session.

It’s best if the environment is controlled, a closed room where will not be interrupted is ideal. Most clients lie down on their bed and simply close the door. Some place a “do not disturb” sign on the door for spouses or children.

We’ll both have our phones on speaker so that if there’s anything you’d like to ask or bring to my attention, you may. I recommend you have a large glass of water nearby.

And how does the session end?

After we’ve done the work together, you’ll have a period of integration time, where you simply continue to lay on the table and relax. I’ll softly speak your name to bring you into the current moment and hand you a glass of water (or if we’re having a distance session, remind you of the one by your side).

I’ll ask you about your experience: sensations you may have noticed, things that came to mind, colors, patterns or scents that you noticed, and I take detailed notes for your future reference. I’ll also share with you my observations and what I became aware of intuitively

At the end of the session we’ll schedule a follow up call for several days later, so I encourage you to note any changes or write down questions that you’d like to ask.

What do I need to do to help the process?

The best way to allow for a healing is to proceed in a state of open expectancy, without attachment to the outcome.

What should I do or be aware of after a session?

It’s very important to stay well hydrated. I suggest that clients drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces of clean, pure water daily for several days. The increased vibration in the cells causes a more rapid detoxification. Increased water intake will assist the organs of elimination to do their job, and integration is often easier when you are well hydrated.

Quite common is a sense of being “spacey” with perhaps some difficulty concentrating, and I encourage clients to be vigilant of their surroundings if driving because the energy fields have been expanded. Again, rest is the remedy. Get as much rest as your body tells you it needs for the following few days, and remember, drink lots of water!

Why is more than one session suggested?

One session is beneficial and for some all that is needed. But for most, three sessions commonly completes the healing process for that time, clearing the detoxifying residue and integrating on deeper levels. Others may need more than one session because of the length of time they’ve had a condition and/or the number of conditions they need assistance with. Some clients prefer to schedule a series of three sessions quarterly to deal with multiple issues.

Why does my friend feel great after their healing and I’m experiencing a “healing crisis”?

Everyone is different and will utilize the healing energies depending on what the intelligence of the body determines it needs. Although spontaneous healings often occur, natural healing isn’t always a ‘feel good’ process. Symptoms don’t always go away immediately with natural healing and may even be accentuated as healing is occurring. It isn’t uncommon to experience a slightly elevated temperature or blood pressure or even for pain to increase afterwards as the body is cleansing. Some report feeling lighter after the session only to feel wiped out the next day with aches and pains in new areas. The body is healing itself so fast that the cells and tissues can’t handle it without some discomfort.

Why are the sessions so different from each other?

A person may find they have physical changes during one session, while the second session may clear out more of the psychic debris that has been stirred up and takes the healing to a deeper level of integration. Think of it like dust being stirred up when sweeping a room, but in reality, the dirt is on its way out. With the third session, this is not only cleared, but energy is restored, replacing the ‘wiped out’ feeling with integration being much less complex.

Sessions with other healers and even massage therapists usually take a lot longer or more sessions. Why only an hour and three sessions?

The bandwidth, (or spectrum), of energy, light and vibration that SourceLight Integrations™ consists of is very high and moves very fast. Many are helped more in a shorter time frame than in hours, weeks, and months of other types of therapy.

Do I have to have something wrong with me to work experience SourceLight Integration™ or Universal Integration™?

About 85% of the clients that come to me are healers themselves that want deeper cleansings and attunement of their chakra system to better serve their clients. As their Light is amplified, they can give more Light to their clients. For those clients who aren’t actively doing healing work, a ‘spiritual tune up’ keeps the energies flowing harmoniously, avoiding potential blocks of energy from forming that could create health issues in the future.

What happens after our session?

I do my best to get back to my clients within 24 hours. If you have questions about your session or experience, I am only an email or phone call away. I value and respect the work we do together, and I’m always interested in how you’re doing!

Learn more about how SourceLight Integrations™ can bring your body back into balance, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. We do not make any guarantees or medical claims as to the outcome of a SourceLight Integration™ session. We recommend that you continue any medical treatments you are now doing and monitor your progress.

Laura Barton, founder of Source Light Integrations, provides profound change at the deepest levels. As a master alchemist, her sincere desire to co-create naturally draws people to work with her.

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