Accelerate your evolution
 and reconnect with the cosmos

Universal Integration is the process of restoring your connection to the cosmic grid. There are spectrums of energy that have never been present on Earth before!

These frequencies belong to a new bandwidth, and when we interact with them, we can experience profound healing and transformation.

Through this cosmic mersion, we engage with these new levels of light and vibration. We are able to reunify with the universe and ascend to higher vibrations.

This is something unprecedented. This is unique. This reunion with the cosmos is REAL – and it can be manifested in each and every one of us.

Working with Laura was a real joy. During the SourceLight Integration™, I received lots of images of crystals, stones… could feel light pressure and waves of energy moving down my body…most notable though was some release in my hips and lower body. I noticed immediately that evening that I had a lot more range of motion in my hips.

The greatest effect though was when Laura did Universal Integration™. Again, I had lots of visions, some of which I felt may have been past life related…felt all my chakras open, physically felt motion in each one but mostly there was a great shift in the throat and heart chakras.

I have felt so much more open and at peace, more connected to spirit and more grounded at the same time since having had Universal Integration™. I highly recommend Laura and her work with SourceLight Integration™ and Universal Integration™. 

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Claire O'Leary

Reiki Master, Clear Heart Healing Arts


You are a multi-dimensional being. Each of our bodies contains a unique set of energetic lines and points – the acupuncture meridians, chakras and your Axiatonial lines. Only remnants of what they once were due to genetic manipulation, this energy network continues to serve as our interface with the cosmos.

Laura facilitates the restoration of your lightbody where all dimensional frequencies are transduced into the meridians, charkas and etheric “soul- matrix” structures. As she descibes, at one point in time, we became disconnected from these lines and lost the fullness of our inherent connection to the universe.

Universal Integration restores the bond.

The process of Universal Integration returns your body’s energy to perfect attunement with the cosmos. In Universal Integration, we receive an influx of light and vibration which transforms body, mind and spirit – clearing blocks, restoring balance, opening up our intuition, awakening dormant DNA and accelerating our evolution towards intergating with expanded dimensions.

When the powerful connection with Universal Integration is established, healing is part of the process. It’s impossible to describe the awakenings, knowings, insights, ‘ahas!’, and leaps in knowledge that occur when you receive, or are awakened to, the greater, vaster being that you are.

Universal Integration is about releasing or removing the blocks that have kept you separate from your intrinsic perfection and restoring yourself to spiritual wholeness.


This work happens on a DNA-level. As a facilitator, I work with you to create profound change during your Universal Integration experience.

Universal Integration process takes place in five sessions over a four-week period. In the first three sessions, we infuse energies and frequencies to bring body, mind and spirit into balance; expanded beyond Sounce Light Integration.

In the final two sessions, we introduce Universal Integration, directing the bandwidth of energy, light, and frequency to specific points and lines on and around the body. This process merges your energetic field, meridian points, and axiatonal lines to the earth’s new ley lines and beyond. This Integration brings you back into sync with your original Cosmic Blueprint.

All sessions are touch-free, and clients lay on a massage table fully clothed. The first three sessions can be done via long distance; the last two sessions need to be in-person on consecutive days. Speak with Laura about travel and accomodations.


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5 Life Changing Universal Integration™ Sessions are $1799
(2 payments of $1466 and $333)

Sessions Include:

Three preparatory sessions approximately one week apart with detailed transcripts and scheduled progress calls.

Two final sessions are held on consecutive days IN PERSON the final week and includes a transcript (covers both sessions) and scheduled follow-up calls.

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